Boat Denis excursions Francois MartiniqueBoat Denis excursions Francois Martinique
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Top Motor Excursions

Top Motor Excursions

Motorboats have the advantage of being able to navigate quickly to different sites. In autonomy, in small or large groups, trust our captains to discover Martinique along the water: islets, mangroves, beaches, underwater fauna, dolphins, turtles

Rose Bay

Boat rental

Rent a non-licensed motorboat for a day in the bay of François or Robert, discovering the islets and white bottoms, at your own pace. Parcours du Robert: starting from Pointe la Rose sud, you will sail along the mangrove, towards the islet Madame, the islet La Grotte and the islet Chancel. Parcours du François: starting from Pointe la Rose south, you will go along the coast and its mangrove towards Oscar islet, Thierry islet and the Josephine bathtub.

Denis Excursions

In the company of Denis and his son Davy, departing from Le François, embark on the discovery of the islets of Robert, the islet Chancel, its ruins and its iguanas, the coral reef. Off the islets of François you will stop at the famous Josephine bathtub, in a nice and friendly atmosphere.


Bébêche is “La joie de vivre”! For more than 20 years, he has been welcoming you with his broad smile and good humor aboard his skiff. Guided strolls to discover the Atlantic coastline, the South Caribbean, the islets of the natural reserve of Sainte-Anne: it’s up to your desires. You can also embark on a Bikini Beach day and spend an all-inclusive day on a small white sand beach: meals, swimming, games, dancing in a joyful and good mood.

Taxi Cap

An institution for more than 30 years, an unforgettable day at the white bottoms of Cap Chevalier, discovering the ornithological nature reserve, the mangrove, its fauna and flora. Rum baptism, Creole meal, wild music, animations…


Comfortably installed on Jean-François’ boat, embark on “discovery tours” never seen before: the Pilote River and its rich and preserved ecosystem, the discovery of the mangrove, the Borgnèse point for a sea bath and an observation of the seabed, the Diamond Rock, the bat cave, swimming at l’Anse Noire, the south Caribbean coast up to the Devil’s Table.

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