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The joy of living with BébêcheGuided tour at sea

The joy of living with Bébêche

Today I’m off to meet the famous Bébêche, a local figure well known to the Martiniquais and many tourists who return on every trip. If you are looking for a sea trip in joy and good humor, this is the right choice! Her kindness, friendliness, communicative laughter and knowledge of the sites are synonymous with successful excursions… Guided tours, outings with meals, a day at Bikini Beach: Bébêche offers different services according to your tastes and desires…

Bebeche Christian Murat Sainte-Anne MartiniqueBebeche Christian Murat Sainte-Anne Martinique
©Bebeche Christian Murat Sainte-Anne Martinique

Guided tour at sea

I chose the great boat ride to discover the coastline and its natural sights. The appointment is set at 8am at the ponton de Cap Chevalier. We are about ten this morning. Bébêche is there, he greets us with his wide smile, he has a kind or funny word for everyone. That’s it, the atmosphere is already there! A few explanations, safety instructions, rules on board and here we go!

The South Atlantic coast

To the sound of a boisterous music, we leave the bay, pass the Islet Chevalier in the direction of Anse Michel, one of my favorite beaches with its turquoise lagoon, coral reef and coconut grove. Superb at this time of day! Then on to Sainte-Anne, its beaches and islets. Bébêche shows us the mangrove of the Baie des Anglais, its mangroves, its fauna.

We then follow the coast and enter Sainte-Anne islets national nature reserve (Hardy, Burgaux, Percé and Poirier islets), one of the most important protected breeding and nesting sites of birds in Martinique. One can see ospreys, palmetto sandpiper, bridled terns or tailed straws.

We pass off l‘Anse Trabaud, a beach famous for its rollers that are the joy of bodyboarders and approach la Table du Diable. This 11-meter high rocky islet owes its name to its rectangular table shape and to the breaking waves of the Atlantic that tirelessly break on its rocks. It is also home to many protected species of birds: the brown noddi, the bridled tern and the sooty tern.

As a fine connoisseur of the sea, Bébêche knows the pass by heart, we cross the cape that separates the Atlantic from the Caribbean Sea to find ourselves on the other side, facing Cabrits Islet.

The beaches of Sainte-Anne

From there, we skirt some of the most beautiful beaches of Sainte-Anne: Anse à Prunes, Petites Salines, Salines, Anse Caritan… In the distance, the famous Rocher du Diamant and the Morne Larcher, nicknamed “La femme couchée” (The Sleeping Woman), loom in the distance.

We take advantage of this time to enjoy a glass of planteur while sailing to the rhythm of Bébêche’s anecdotes, at ease in his element. We continue to Pointe Borgnese and Anse Figuier and then begin the return trip. Even if we don’t make it today, Bébêche tells us that he can also take groups to Diamond Rock.

At the end of the morning, we take the aperitif (ti-punch, planteur, juice) accompanied by a snack on the white bottom of the îlet Chevalier where we take a small bath in a water at 30°. Back to the pontoon around noon, on board everyone is laughing, on familiar terms, it’s “the Bébêche effect”, the joy of living! Some are already booking for the weekend’s “Bébêche Bikini Beach” day…and so am I!

The B.B.B. "Bébêche Bikini Beach"

The Bébêche Bikini Beach is the day that Bébêche organizes and that he made it so popular. For those who want to have fun from 7 to 90 years old, swim, dance, play, have a good Creole meal, it’s the “all inclusive” day!

This time the departure takes place around 10am, several boats take turns to transport the passengers of the day on the white bottoms of Islet Chevalier: welcome drink with planter, juice, accras, rum baptism, photos and music… The atmosphere goes up a notch! We get back on the boat towards a small white sandy tongue “the beach of lovers” at the entrance of the Baie des Anglais, we then leave on its beach of “Bikini Beach”where we are welcomed by Bébêche himself, still in the mood.

Under the large carbet, the long tables lend themselves to conviviality. Bébêche sets the mood: music, dance, good-natured entertainment. People talk, exchange, laugh… It is “the joy of living”!

At lunchtime, the Creole meal is served by the team: smoked chicken, fresh fish, rice, lentils, yellow bananas and country vegetables, the plates are hearty. For dessert the fresh fruit salad is refreshing.

Of course therum soup is there. Be careful though because it’s hot, and the temperature can rise very quickly. (Alcohol abuse is not recommended…)

Then it’s “quartier libre”: everyone does what they like. We can play volley, petanque on the beach, dominos under the carbet, swimming in the turquoise water, participate in the animations and let loose on a zouk, a salsa or a twerk endiablés… After the ritual group or romantic photos near the wooden sign “Bébêche Bikini Beach”, around 5 pm the boats return to the pontoon of Cap Chevalier with music. This is THE relaxing day par excellence…

This is The Joy of Living!

Bébêche Philosophy

Bébêche offers a wide range of services: boat trip, sea outing with lunch, privatization of boat, snorkeling, visit of natural reserve with guide, organization of events at the beach (wedding, birthday, EVJF, EVG…). To each his desires and his program!

Go ahead from our side!