Hike Trace des Jésuites Morne-Rouge MartiniqueHike Trace des Jésuites Morne-Rouge Martinique
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A remarkable biodiversity

Fauna and Flora of Martinique

Named “The Island of Flowers”and symbolized by the bird of paradise, Martinique announces the color. Characterized by a wide variety of natural habitats with remarkable flora and fauna, the island is a cocktail of biodiversity home to numerous species, several of which are endemic or protected such as the Lesser Antillean iguana, the blue-headed hummingbird, the turtle leatherback or the matutou tarentula.

Nature has particularly spoiled Martinique, whose forests and gardens are full of spectacular tropical flowers and plants. As you stroll through, indulge in local fruits like you’ve never tasted them before! Mangoes, pineapples, bananas, guavas, passion fruits have an incomparable flavor here…


Martinican nature is rich but not without danger. With a minimum of caution, learn how to avoid any problems… As for plants, the mancenilla tree, a widespread seaside tree, the solution is simple: avoid settling or taking shelter under its toxic foliage. Sap, leaves and fruits (which look like small green apples): we especially do not touch under penalty of painful burn!!!
Fauna side, the most widespread enemy remains … the mosquito! Potential vector of tropical diseases such as dengue, chikungunya or zika, the best is to protect yourself especially at the end of the day: clothing, mosquito net, air conditioning, lotions and sprays. Also get rid of all stagnant water near your residence, this prevents the development of aedes larvae.
Stinging or biting of tarantulas (rarely encountered!) and scalpel pests are not fatal but can be very painful: open your eyes and watch where you step…
The only fatal bite is that of the trigonocephalan snake, which is still present in some wetlands and woodlands, but it is extremely rare because the species – endemic to the island – is endangered. Serums and antidotes are available in all pharmacies.
As for the shark, of course there are some in Martinique but as in all the seas of the globe!! To date no fatal attack has been recorded in Martinique. Its flesh is still consumed, even if it is found less and less on Caribbean tables…