A Caribbean fauna
Kayali Bird Ecology Case-Pilote MartiniqueKayali Bird Ecology Case-Pilote Martinique
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Animals of Martinique

Martinique also has its mythical animals. Not necessarily endowed with super powers, but each in its own way is a face of the island! On land, you’ll come across the mongoose, the anoli lizard and its cousin the mabouya. Head to the Chancel Islet to meet the endemic Lesser Antillean iguana. In the rainforest, you may be surprised to meet our matoutou” tarentula. Look up and admire the hummingbird, often chosen as the island’s emblem, and nicer than the mosquito! The richness of Martinique’s fauna takes on its full meaning at sea: in addition to a myriad of fish, crustaceans, dolphins, turtles and other cetaceans populate our underwater depths.

The Martinique Marine Natural Park ensures the preservation of the marine ecosystem. The marine sanctuary AGOA was created in 2010 to protect marine mammals in the French West Indies… The nature reserves managed by the Martinique Regional Nature Park (PNRM) protect both this fauna and a flora of great wealth and interest.