Mangrove Baie de Génipa Ducos Martinique
©Mangrove Baie de Génipa Ducos Martinique


Martinique : the Beauty of the French West Indies

On holiday, weekend or daily basis, there are a thousand things to discover in Martinique: a historical and cultural heritage, remarkable natural sites, a world-famous volcano, the Montagne Pelée, parks and gardens, museums dedicated to Martinique, its culture, its traditions, its distilleries that produce the famous AOC Martinique agricultural rum.

Walking, hiking, excursion, as a tourist, let yourself be charmed by the richness of our territory as you travel around the island. The typical Caribbean landscapes, between dream beaches and rainforest form an ocean of blue and green conducive to tourism!

Nature here is generous and preserved, endowed with remarkable fauna and flora. The Martinique is a real cocktail of biodiversity: tropical flowers and plants, local fruits, endemic animal and plant species. Here ecotourism is a reality. Welcome to paradise!