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What to do in Martinique ?

Hiking, sports, leisure, diving, wellness, shopping… Discover the best activities and attractions to see and do in Martinique during your vacation or weekend. Martinique is a paradise for hiking with more than 250 km of marked trails, whether immersed in the tropical forest, by climbing the Montagne Pelée or on the coastline on the Trace des Caps and the presqu’île de la Caravelle, just to name the most famous. The island is also a heden for diving with magnificent underwater depths. At sea, inland or in the air, clubs and service providers offer you fun, insolute, sporty activities: quad biking, kite-surfing, kayaking, boating, paragliding… Go on a guided excursion, discover the nature and culture of Martinique! Also reserve yourself moments of wellness, spa, massages, and hours of shopping to meet our artisans and creators. Stock up on local products, you’ll see: you’ll be blown away by all that Martinique has to offer!