Josephine's bathtub White bottom Denis excursions François MartiniqueJosephine's bathtub White bottom Denis excursions François Martinique
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On the road with Denis ExcursionsDiscovery of the islets and the white bottoms

On the road with Denis Excursions

To discover the islets of François and Robert, I decide to embark for the half day aboard the boat of Davy, Denis’ son from “Denis Excursions”.

I know Denis well for having boarded his blue fisherman’s skiff a few years ago, he who has won over a large audience, charmed by his smile, his glibness and his famous little phrase “Who hasn’t known Denis, hasn’t known Martinique!”. Today he works with his son Davy, to whom he has passed on the passion for the sea.

Davy Denis excursions Francois MartiniqueDavy Denis excursions Francois Martinique
©Davy Denis excursions Francois Martinique

Captain of Denis Excursions

See you at the fishing port of François at 9am. The boarding is done on the small pontoon to the right of the main pontoon, just after Maxipech’. Davy welcomes us warmly and invites us to come aboard.

We leave the marina and set course for the islets. Knowing the bay of François like the back of his hand, he navigates between the cayes and the islets and tells us historical anecdotes and legends of the area along the way. A little geography lesson shows us the different islets we can see: Islet Métrente, Islet Anonyme, Islet Long… Most of them are home to fishermen’s huts or the weekend houses of some lucky people. The panorama is exceptionally beautiful, we cross fishermen, kayakers, yodelers… Life in Martinique !

The Chancel islet!

Davy then heads to the islets of Robert and approaches the islet Chancel, the largest of the islets of Martinique (2 km by 900 m). It is also one of the most famous because you can walk around and discover the ruins of a sugar dwelling, a pottery and a chaufournerie and meet the Lesser Antillean iguana(iguana délicatissima), a protected endemic species.

We go ashore for a guided tour with Davy. The history, the heritage is felt throughout the site, we realize the grandeur of the dwelling in the eighteenth century. We have the chance to see the iguanas. Young specimens all green bask in the sun, while we see the older ones perched in the trees. Funny little beasts though!

We then head to two impressive trees the Zamana, and the Cursed Fig Tree which count among the largest trees in the West Indies. We take the opportunity to take pictures, we suddenly feel very small!

The White Funds

of the Bathtub of Josephine

After this very instructive visit, we take the sea again in the direction of the white bottoms of François and more particularly the famous Josephine’s bathtub, between Oscar islet and Thierry islet. We can see starfish laid in the sea grass beds, sea urchins, the coral reef… It’s just beautiful!”

It’s noon and it’s time for the home-made planter and accras! Water up to the waist, we enjoy this friendly aperitif.

The atmosphere is at the top, total disconnection, laughter, good humor, sharing, exchange and music are at the rendezvous. The place although frequented remains sublime. On the reverberation side, it’s intense so think about hats and caps!

We return to the fishing harbor to music, stars in our eyes and memorable shots in our cameras!

Thanks to you and your team, Davy for a great morning: it was awesome!

Denis Excursions also offers...
  • The day excursion, with lunch with your feet in the water or in the shade of the grape trees: it’s the same program as the half-day until noon then the boat drops you off on a pretty little beach on Long Islet where a Creole meal is served. In the afternoon it’s lazing around and swimming!”
  • Denis and Davy can establish a personalized itinerary and a la carte services according to your desires.

    Go ahead from our end!