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Must-see Distilleries and Rum factories

Top Distilleries and Rum factories of Martinique

From north to south and east to west, distilleries and rum factories are very well distributed throughout the island. Open to the public, they allow you to understand the process of making agricultural rums of Martinique. Each one has its own history, charm and particularities.

Habitation Clément

Rum factory

Each year, nearly 100,000 visitors come to discover Habitation Clément, an exceptional site that has retained its agricultural and industrial function, while introducing the botanical world, the world of rum, the Creole world and the industrial world.

Habitation Saint-Etienne

Rum factory

A unique and preserved architectural ensemble, historic cellars and a garden classified under the “remarkable” label since 2015: in this exceptional setting, visitors can discover and taste the range of HSE rums.

Distillery Maison La Mauny

This smoking distillery still in activity is the only one in the south of the island that you can visit. The guided tour of the site and the factory is done by small train where you will discover the know-how of the men and women who perpetuate, year after year, the traditional methods of elaboration of Maison La Mauny agricultural rums.

J.M Distillery

On the slopes of Mount Pelée, nestled in the heart of a valley at the far north of Martinique, the Fonds-Préville Distillery produces the excellent J.M rums. During a playful and interactive tour, discover how the men and women of the distillery have shaped this jewel and how they work every day to keep it running smoothly.

Trois Rivières Plantation

Rum factory

Dominated by its famous and magnificent mill, discover one of the island’s most popular rum factories. During guided tours, you’ll learn the traditional methods of making AOC agricultural rums. In the Mill’s store, you can find all Trois Rivières rums and taste white and old rums.

Depaz distillery

Don’t miss a visit to the Depaz distillery in Saint-Pierre, on the slopes of Mount Pelée, on the site of the Habitation La Montagne, one of the oldest in Martinique (1651). Its destiny is closely linked to the history of Saint-Pierre and the disaster of 1902. Famous rums have been produced here since 1922. Discover the production site, take a stroll in the park, visit Château Depaz, visit the museum and enjoy a tasting session in a breathtaking natural setting. An absolute must!

Saint-James Distillery

Immerse yourself in the history and know-how of Saint-James. On the distillery site, you’ll discover the Rum Museum and the still, as well as the superb Vintage Cellar. Take the little train, ride through the heart of the sun-drenched cane plantations and taste the best vintages at the boutique.

Habitation La Salle

Rum factory

Close to the plantations, the house, a former sugar mill, offers different areas to visit following the historical path from cane to rum: from the wooden mills to crush the cane and extract the juice to the guildhall, its paddle wheels, its purgery, its distillation stills, its boilers and its cellars, its store inside eight completely renovated buildings.

La Favorite Distillery

It is one of the two last family distilleries on the island. It produces each year about 500,000 liters of rum in a traditional and artisanal way thanks to its steam engine dating from 1906. The visit of the distillery is free, you can walk among the facilities. A stop at the store will allow you to taste and buy La Favorite cuvées.