Spiritourism atTrois Rivières Rum factory

Visit to Trois Rivières Plantation, Rum factory

I invite you to visit the former Trois Rivières distillery with me. The only one of its kind in Martinique, famous for its windmill and turquoise-colored rum bottles and labels, the Trois Rivières site is located by the sea in Sainte-Luce at the tip south Caribbean of Martinique.

This mill has been with me for decades, during which I’ve passed every day within a few meters of its magnificent wings, a landmark on the road to the south… I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve taken the little road that leads to the plantation, to show it off to friends on vacation and simply to buy my rum! I remember their little boxes carefully packed for the plane! Nostalgia…

Guided tour

I was lucky enough to visit the distillery when it was still in operation, until 2004. That year, the distilling column was transferred to La Mauny in Rivière Pilote after the acquisition by the BBS group.

Today, the site is entirely focused on spiritourism : preserving its history, touring the magnificent estate, tasting and selling rums with a strong personality.

Going down to park my car, I walk along the store, the mill, and up to the reception area where Sylvestre, our guide for the day, picks us up on the shady terrace.

The largest and oldest plantation in Martinique

A bit of history

Introductions made, we take the path leading to the old distillery, past the various artisans set up in boutiques shaped like foudres, the huge wooden barrels used to age amber rums. It’s a nice place, and we’ll be back later to buy some local souvenirs. Sylvestre began to tell us the story of this plantation unlike any other.

Named Trois Rivières like the neighborhood, in homage to the three rivers that border it – Oman, Bois dInde and Saint Pierre (nb: this is the name of three excellent cuvées, with limited series!), water is inseparable from the site and its intense sugar activity (from the early 19th to the mid-20th century). The 700-hectare estate, which stretches all the way to the sea at Anse Céron in Sainte-Luce, would change ownership several times over the following siècles.

In 1994 Trois Rivières was bought by BBS (Bellonnie & Bourdillon et Successeurs), owner of La Mauny, another distillery located in Rivière Pilote. It’s here that, from 2004 onwards, Trois Rivières rums will be distilled and aged under the expert guidance of cellar master Daniel Baudin. When you visit the La Mauny distillery, you can see the Creole column of Trois Rivières that has been transferred there. Both distilleries are now part of the Campari group.

Trois Rivières, creator of agricultural rum AOC

The old factory can be visited with the guide, who explains the traditional methods of making AOC agricultural rums (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée obtained in 1996) from cutting the cane through crushing and fermentation to aging the rums. In the park, old tools and cogs are on display, bearing witness to past activity.

The cane plantations stretch over immense expanses bordered by both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean at Martinique southernmost tip. Sun-drenched, lulled by trade winds and sea air, the canes of Trois Rivières are among the sweetest, with a strong minerality and inimitable aromas. I know a Trois Rivières white rum right away!

The cellar master knows every detail about these canes, this rum, its distillation column, aging and blending. He continues to create new cuvées and ensures that the Trois Rivières personality is preserved.

Rum in 3D sound and light.

We then enter an old wine storehouse where three large foudres and casks are laid out. And then, surprise when the doors close, it’s a show you won’t soon forget! A magnificent 3D sound and light immersion that takes you on a journey through every stage of Trois Rivières rum production.

It’s frankly a great idea and a great experience, well done!

The mill, emblem of Trois Rivières

We walk quietly with the guide up to the famous mill. And Trois Rivières without its mill wouldn’t quite be Trois Rivières, everyone agrees! Once used to crush sugar cane, the windmill has been beautifully restored, inside and out. Its wings stand out against the blue sky with the garden and sea in the background in the distance, it’s superb!

Tasting and shop

Sylvestre finally invites us to move on to the tasting, it’s a moment much appreciated by all visitors, amateurs and novices alike… White rums, amber rums, aged rums, special cuvées, the staff, always smiling, offer us different rums to taste. For my part, I first choose a white: the Cuvée de l’Océan in its all turquoise blue bottle. Recognisable by its slightly iodized notes, it comes from the juice of canes from a parcel located on the Atlantic side at anse Trabaud (Sainte-Anne): I like it a lot (the beach too! ). On the old side, I’m curious about and very attracted to Rhum vieux de l’Océan, which I don’t know. Its particularity: it’s reduced to filtered seawater. I like its clean, invigorating taste. The navy-blue bottle is superb.

I then head for the boutique where all the cuvées are on display and buy a bottle of each. I also take the opportunity to buy some ti-punch glasses and some “lélé wood” sticks.

Trois Rivières rums regularly win awards:
  • Concours général agricole Paris 2023
    • Gold Medal: Rhum Hors d’âge 12 ans 42% vol.
    • Silver Medal: Rhum Très Vieux VSOP Réserve spéciale 40% vol.
  • Rum & Cachaça Master 2023
    • Master : Trois Rivières Cuvée de l’Océan 42% vol.
    • Gold Medal : Trois Rivières Cellar Reserve 40% vol.
    • Gold Medal : Trois Rivières Triple Millésime 2001 2005 2011 42% vol.
    • Silver Medal : Trois Rivières VSOP Réserve Spéciale 40% vol.
  • International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) 2022
    • Gold Medal: Trois Rivières Cuvée du Moulin VO 40% vol.
    • Gold Medal: Trois Rivières Triple Millésime 2001 2005 2011 42% vol.
    • Silver Medal: Trois Rivières VSOP Réserve Spéciale 40% vol.
    • Bronze Medal: Trois Rivières Rhum blanc Cuvée de l’océan 42% vol.
    • Bronze Medal: Trois Rivières Hors d’âge 12 ans 42% vol.
    • Bronze Medal: Trois Rivières 1999 Grande Réserve 42% vol.

In 2020, the BBS group won – thanks to the numerous medals awarded to its TROIS RIVIERES and MAISON LA MAUNY brands – the prestigious titles of “Best Producer of Rumand “Best Producer of Spiritsawarded by the IWSC, considered one of the most recognized competitions in the world of spirits.

One last look, one last photo of the garden and cane fields as far as the eye can see and I leave delighted with this visit, with a special mention to the 3D sound and light animation!


To learn more about the secrets of making AOC Martinique agricultural rum, don’t miss the master-classes by Daniel Baudin the cellar master, elected best cellar master in the world in Miami in 2019. It’s always exciting! (see section Agenda)

Go ahead from us!