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Top of the Artisans of Gourmandise

Ice, sorbets, pastries, cakes: our gourmet artisans express their talent and creativity in desserts inspired by local products. The spices of Creole cuisine come to put their grain of salt by inviting themselves into their recipes.

Ziouka Ice cream

Iconic figure of Carbet, Claude Ziouka master artisan ice cream maker is a true alchemist of tastes and scents. Known beyond the borders, he enchants us with his 100% natural ice creams and sorbets with local flavors, made with seasonal fruits, plants and spices. To take away or enjoy on the small terrace.

The World of Spices

Since its opening in 1995, the store has built its reputation on the selection of spices from Martinique, the Caribbean and around the world, in order to offer the highest quality taste: Cinnamon bark, Nutmeg, India Wood, Clove, Cardamom, Tonka Bean, Saffron, gourmet quality vanilla beans… and many other spices and delicacies from around the world.

The Pastry Shop

Renowned for its sublime cakes, La Pâtisserie is a reference in Martinique. The pastry chef Renaud Gouttenoire, haloed by his career in starred houses brings all his technique and inspiration to the elaboration of delicacies. A generous epicurean, he loves to share and transmit his passion. About fifteen great classics of French fine pastry and mouth-watering variations are on display in the window every day.

Excellence Glaces

A must for ice cream lovers, the master ice cream maker Pascal Févalproposes more than 60 flavors of ice creams and sorbets such as Iris Chocolate, Ginger, Old Rum-Banana, Piña Colada… Excellence Glaces also creates ranges of pastries, frozen entremets, original creations including the famous Flame, without forgetting for the end of year celebrations the unavoidable Bûches on croustillant or génoise.

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