Stopover at the Case Coco restaurantCaribbean cuisine

Stopover at the Case Coco

Today is Saturday, the patronal feast weekend in Sainte-Luce, my home town. Tourists, locals, fishermen, merchants: the town and the seaside are in full effervescence, This noon I’m going to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants: Case Coco ! I’ll be meeting the young chef who has taken over the reins of the kitchen: Timothée.

Timothée, Axel and Thierry

Chef, second-in-command and owner of the Case Coco restaurant

An old Creole hut

The place has evolved a lot since its beginnings. Right in the heart of town, this nicely rehabilitated Creole house is super welcoming with its room open onto the boulevard du bord de mer, facing the market. Lots of wood, white, turquoise, the atmosphere is very Caribbean. In the middle the vivier à langoustes is full, I’m salivating in anticipation! Before service, it’s a hive of activity as everyone gets busy: setting up, bar, kitchen, everything has to be ready for the first reservations. Because yes, as success dictates, it’s better to book to be sure of getting a table…

I greet Sylvie and Thierry, the happy owners, and join the chef behind his stoves. It smells amazing!

Meeting with Timothée

Hello Timothée, so you’re the new chef at Case Coco, tell me a little about your background as a chef…

I come from pastry-making, that’s my basic training. I graduated from arts et métiers after a 5-year training course, and arrived in Martinique 4 years ago.

As I’m a lover of flavors and have a thirst for discovery, I took up cooking on my own. I started out as a second, but I’ve come a long way since then. Today, I can put my stamp on the Case Coco menu with my inspiration, my knowledge of techniques, of products.

In the kitchen

Which products do you prefer to work with? How do you shop?

Honestly I love to touch everything: fish, seafood, meat, side dishes: everything inspires me! Of course, I still have a weakness for desserts, which remain my guilty pleasure and require rigor and precision… I favor freshness and 100% homemade.

There are 4 of us in the kitchen: Axel, my second in command, and two chefs de partie, Germain and Christelle. We communicate a lot, I’m always listening to their ideas, we’re a team. In our kitchen, we hunt waste: everything is reused and transformed into our juices, our sauce bases. Zero waste is part of my vision of gastronomy.

How is the card designed? Is it changed regularly?

We have a permanent card, which changes every year. I’d like to get to a card every 6 months. We offer 6-7 starters, 4 meats, 4 fish and shellfish, 8 desserts and daily suggestions: starter, daily special, dessert. It’s according to the market and helps avoid routine, especially as we have a lot of regulars. At lunchtime we offer a formula: Entrée + Plat + Dessert at 28€. We also remain the specialists in lobster. Fresh out of the tank, it’s a bestseller!

Lobster, star of the plate!

And since I’ve earned it, I settle in for lunch. Federica brings me the menu with a big smile. I treat myself to the lobster menu: Lobster ravioli, parmesan sauce, parsley oil as a starter, followed by a Roasted shelled lobster, full-bodied bisque and emulsion, gratin dauphinois de christophines and for dessert the sublime Tartelette aux spéculoos, marmelade d’ananas au citron, chantilly fromage blanc. A great moment of gustatory pleasure…

Details don’t make perfection, but perfection isn’t a detail!

Philosophy of Timothée, head of Case Coco

Go ahead from us!