Stopover at Le Point de Vue restaurantA place steeped in history

Stopover at Le Point de Vue

Are you going to hike, stroll or visit the distilleries in the North Atlantic?

A tip: stop for lunch at Point de Vue, one of my favorite addresses when I want to eat a traditional Creole meal. Here itis Caribbean cuisine the way welike it: fragrant and generous!

A magnificent site.

The site itself is already worth the detour, always very well maintained: a large tree-lined driveway leads us to the restaurant in the middle of a park lined with palm and almond trees. Before your eyes spreads out all the wild beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. I just love it! This is the anse Charpentier and its Sugar Loaf, also called the “surfers’ beach” who come to glide on its long rollers (but only if you have a good level, it’s not for beginners!). The panorama is splendid.

Time to eat!

You have the choice of sitting on the large covered terrace or under the Caribbean carbet made from bakoua leaves, which is the place I prefer. There are lots of regulars, tourists, Martinican families, hikers… It has to be said that the address has been a must in Martinique for over 25 years, with an unbeatable value for money. The quality is consistent and has not wavered over the years.

I love the warm and smiling welcome from the team of women, the efficient service

Authentic Creole cuisine

The chefs, all from Martinique, have inherited recipes from mother to daughter. Mastering cooking techniques, spices and marinades to perfection, they perpetuate the generosity and harmonious flavors of their homeland in their dishes. As for the waitresses, they take the time to advise and explain the specialties with kindness, the hallmark of Point de Vue.

Here you’ll be able to sample the must-tries of West Indian cuisine : the accras which accompany the Homemade coconut punch,theChicken Colombo,the Lambi fricassee,the Chatrou fricassee, the Grilled Vivaneauserved with country vegetables,lentilsor red kidney beans,riceand a gratinor mousseline.

I recommend the Assiette Découverte (crayfish in sauce + chatrou + lambi) for a taste of three classics at once!

For dessert, let yourself be tempted by the flan coco and the blanc-manger coco, a delight!


After lunch, I take a seat on a bench, to admire the panorama, the surfers are there! Once again I had a great time at Point de Vue, thanks again Méloïca and all your great team!

Offering simple, good and generous Creole cuisine

Philosophy of Méloïca, owner of Point de Vue

Go ahead from us!