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Stopover at Le Delim's restaurant

Meeting with Chef Marie-Claude

Today I’d like to introduce you to Marie-Claude and Marie-Laure, the two sisters who run my favorite restaurant in Sainte-Anne. For some, it’s a bit far away but it’s really worth the detour. In fact, I’ve already met families there who came from Schœlcher and Sainte-Marie, that’s how good a reputation it has as a chef!

Yes, the chef here is Marie-Claude! A woman in the kitchen, packed with talent and imagination. She cut her teeth in several kitchens in Martinique for over 15 years before embarking on the Delim’s adventure in 2016. With her sister Marie-Laure, they opened their restaurant in their image. It is sober, bright and with a very tasteful decor.

Marie-Claude Marie-Laure Chef Delim's Sainte-Anne MartiniqueMarie-Claude Marie-Laure Chef Delim's Sainte-Anne Martinique
©Marie-Claude Marie-Laure Chef Delim's Sainte-Anne Martinique
Marie-Claude & Marie-Laure

Restaurant Le Delim's

Meet Marie-Claude

– Marie-Claude, tell us about your cuisine, your inspiration and the way you work.

“I like to mix influences, so my menu is naturally mixed. I would say that my cuisine is a cuisine of instinct and moment! I create my dishes according to the products I find and not the other way around. I work as much as possible with local producers.

For vegetables, fruits, herbs, I do my market, I also have a market gardener who delivers what I need. For fish I usually work with an aquaculturist from Vauclin, Mr. Racine, who supplies me with Caribbean bass, one of my specialties. When there is none, local fishermen deliver me tuna, marlin, sea bream… I also get crustaceans and seafood (catfish, clams, lambi) fished in Robert. When I have all my products, I let my imagination sail, I try, I taste, I modify, until I find the perfect match. At home, the plate is not likely to be bland, I love spices, fragrances, I trust my palate! And as I am not very “dessert” I trust my pastry chef for the sweet…”

– And Marie-Laure, what is her role?

“My sister is responsible for the room, we each have our own area. Me the stoves, she the service! And it works very well.”

It’s true that the duo is well trained, Marie-Laure has the sense of welcome, always smiling, very pro in her service, with a lot of conviviality and gentility. Honestly, I always have a great time at Délim’s and I love discovering Marie-Claude’s new dishes. Not to mention her great cocktails… I can’t get enough of them!

Take my advice: you can go with your eyes closed!

I’ll give you a little scoop, the meal boxes are back (not to mention the end of year ones), for a dinner at home without worrying about the preparations, it’s the best! One more thing… Délim’s also performs outdoor catering services, think about it if you have an event to celebrate!

Local cuisine made from scratch and most importantly with love!

Philosophy of Marie-Claude and Marie-Laure of Delim’s

Go ahead from our end!