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Let's go visit a museum!

Top Museums of Martinique

Learn while having fun, discover the past and the history of the island, the cultural and natural wealth of Martinique: think about visiting the museums of Martinique! Everyone will choose the themes they prefer, there is one museum for all tastes and all ages…

Memorial of the 1902 Disaster

Frank A.Perret Museum

The 1902 Disaster Memorial, Frank A. Perret Museum bears witness to the eruption of Mount Pelee and the destruction of the city of Saint-Pierre on May 8, 1902. In the contemporary architectural setting of Martinique’s oldest museum, you will discover all about the event that changed the course of Martinique’s history.

Clément Foundation Museum

Discover the four worlds of the Habitation Clément by visiting the different dedicated spaces: the Clément master house, the former distillery, the contemporary art center and the gardens. A magnificent building houses permanent or temporary artist exhibitions: an immersion in Caribbean modern art.

Banana Museum

In this museum, beautifully illustrated panels allow you to learn more about Martinique’s iconic fruit. This permanent exhibition addresses the extraordinary world of the banana through history, botany and culture. The texts are not very long, translated into several languages, they are accurate and pleasantly inviting to read.

Rum Museum

Saint-James Distillery

At the heart of the Distillerie Saint-James, the Rum Museum traces the history of agricultural rum in Martinique through photographs, old engravings, old bottles, advertising posters and stills, agricultural equipment, explaining the cultivation of sugarcane, the various stages of rum production and its aging process.

Museum of the Sea

The Sea Museum is a private museum created by a sea enthusiast that will introduce you to thousands of species of shells, starfish, fish and other species that inhabit our oceans. More than 2,000 different species from the Caribbean and the rest of the globe, for a visit that will delight young and old.

Savane des Esclaves

The Slaves Savannah is a must-see site that stretches across 3 hectares of landscaped parkland. This village of memory and history pays tribute to the traditions of Martinique, strolling through 25 traditional huts, a hut museum, the Kalinago village, the Case-Nègres street and the Roman slave square and the traditional Creole garden.