Plage de l'Anse Mabouya Sainte-Luce Martinique
©Plage de l'Anse Mabouya Sainte-Luce Martinique|MDES
The most beautiful Beaches, Caribbean sidefrom North to South

Top beaches, Caribbean side of Martinique

Black sand or blonde sand, rough or quiet, the beaches of the windward coast will not fail to seduce you. The activities are numerous, from diving to whale watching.

Anse Couleuvre

The last beach accessible by car on the North Atlantic coast. Its black sand and coconut trees make it one of the most beautiful wild beaches of the island. Bring your mask and keep your eyes open, turtles are often seen there.

Anse Noire and Anse Dufour

The twin beaches, one of black volcanic sand, the other of blond sand, are among the favorites of tourists and locals. Family atmosphere, quiet swimming and snorkeling are on the agenda!

Dizac Beach

The mythical Diamant beach, with its circular arc, is 3 km long. With the Diamond rock and the Morne Larcher in the line of sight, it is very popular with families and young people. The sea is sometimes agitated, the waves are the joy of bodyboarders.

Anse Désert

This beautiful and quiet beach is one of the most popular in Sainte-Luce. Its clear water and shaded back beach are perfect for family picnics.

Borgnèse Point

A small cove accessible from the road between Sainte Luce and Le Marin. A sheltered cove, very popular with boaters for its quiet anchorage. It is a great place for snorkeling and meeting small multicolored fish. Beware of manchineel trees !

Anse Caritan

This beach is suitable for families with children because you can walk far into the water and the sea is very calm. On one part you will find water activities, water games and restaurants, the other part is wilder and more suitable for picnics and lazing around.

Les Salines

The most famous beach of Martinique, famous for its coconut trees leaning on the white sand along the turquoise sea. The postcard beach with its small restaurants, its juice sellers, its swimsuit sellers… A must!