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Restaurant Zanzibar Marin MartiniqueRestaurant Zanzibar Marin Martinique
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Many restaurateurs have made the choice of fresh produce and homemade, depending on what arrives at the markets and the returns from fishing. The cuisine métissée has become a classic, marrying local products from the land, vegetables and fruits from the country with influences from elsewhere and classics of the French gastronomy.

Martinique is open to the world and all styles of international cuisine can be tasted here. Rich in its history and migrations, one can find in the plates the Franco-Creole, Indian, Chinese, Lebanese flavors. Without denying tradition, a whole generation of young passionate chefs are revisiting and fusing these influences. Pastry chefs, ice cream makers, caterers complete a very varied offer.

The choices are multiple, in every corner of Martinique.Air-conditioned room, open-air terrace, seaside, boat: choose according to your desires. Here is a selection that will take you around the island and won’t disappoint gourmets!

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