Stopover at La Chaudière restaurantTraditional Creole flavors

Stopover at La Chaudière

Todaytoday, I’m in “excursion mode” with my family to show them around northern Martinique and the forêtropical. Afterès a nature walk and a swim at la rivière de lAlma, I ddecide to take them to lunch at la Chaudière to discover real traditional Creole cuisine. Itake the opportunity to catch up with Yanic Malidor, who greets us with a broad smile outside his all-yellow and red restaurant, a must-see on the route de la Trace..

Yanic Malidor

Chef and owner of La Chaudière

The restaurant is as tidy and welcoming as ever. The two covered terraces are open to the garden (which I’ll tell you about below !) and the vegtropical vegetation. The tables are beautifully nappedes, lots of flowers and a few touches of madras: itis colorful and sunny, just like the Creole cuisine we came to enjoy !

For over 25 years now, the Malidor family has run this restaurant, which has become a must-try, for tourists as well as for Martiniquais and célés passing throughon the île.

Meet Yanic Malidor.

So Yanic, how do you explain La Chaudière’s undeniable success?

– I think people love us for our authenticity and simplicity. I have always had at heart to preserve customs and pass them on. I’m a pure self-taught person who loves her île and continues to cook traditional Creole recipes, as my mother and grandmother did before me. Of course, we’re not stuck in the past, our cooking is evolving, our dressings are modernizing, but the fundamentals – flavors, taste, cooking, vegetables, spices – are respecteds. Thisis what our customers appreciate.

How do you prepare your dishes? Do you use local producers?

– Of course! My childhood dishes were inspired above all by seasonal produce. I value products from Martinique: meat, fish and vegetables come from the fishermen and farmers of Saint-Pierre and Morne Rouge. And, for spices, aromatics, fruits, I just have to go down to my garden and pick them! I like thata smells good, that we find the richness of our terroir in the plate

What are your customers’ favorite dishes?

– As you know, La Chaudière has a few dishes”signatures”: the Roussi de lambi, a puff pastry of sweet potato chips and lambi stuffing, the Dombrés of shrimp that we knead ourselvesmes like yesteryear, the Pavé de daurade dans sa feuille de nori sauce manja, the Colombo de porc long simmered in the massalé of “Man Son”, and of course the Fricassée de ouassous au rhum vieux Depaz.

Asidethese dishes, there are also the classics of West Indian cuisine: the vivaneau grillé sauce créole, the duo de boudins en robe de banane, MA tarte fine… People love it !

The garden at La Chaudière

Tell us about your garden…

– Ah my garden ! It’s inseparable from the restaurant and our cuisine.Customers love to stroll through it before or well afterè lunch, freely or accompanied by Gérard my husband – he’s the one who looks after our vanilla – or someonefrom home. We show them the differentes espèces and teach them to recognizethis tree, that flower, that herb…. Itis my little garden of Eden, Ilike to think thatit expresses all the richness of Martinique’s soil.

Itis true thatit’s extraordinary this garden with its river. It has everything : coffee, vanilla, cacao, poivre, the cannelle, the chillies, medicinal plants, rare fruit trees (cédrat ” Buddha’s hand, corossolier, carambolier, and même a spectacular lychee over 10 meters), orchids, tropical-flowers… Itis the must-see stroll, one of the most beautiful private Creole gardenss Ihave ever seen !.

We enjoyed ourselves

Crispy cod to accompany my Banana Daiquiri, Lambi Roussi in its sweet potato millefeuille, Shrimp Dombrés, Pineapple Tarte Thin, Garden Fresh Fruit Plate with a little homemade shrubb… Too good! I leave delighted, as usual, my family is delighted with the discovery.

Thank you Yanic, thank you Jocelyne, thank you Gérard, thank you to the whole team at La Chaudière!

I like to pass on my knowledge of traditions through my cooking.

Philosophy of Yanic Malidor

Go ahead from us!