Restaurant Zanzibar Marin MartiniqueRestaurant Zanzibar Marin Martinique
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From the small restaurant to the gourmet table with the Bois Lélé guide!

Whether you live in Martinique or are vacationing there, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of Martinique’s tables. Creole cuisine, Caribbean food, fish, lobster, grilled meats, accras, ti-punch and planteur : you’ll find all the markers of the Antilles here.

From the small roadside restaurant to the refined gastronomic table, our gourmet itinerary will tantalize your tastebuds! Passionate chefs, family institutions, beach restaurants, innovative concepts, street-food, brunches, home chefs, world cuisine: on your way to a travel to the land of flavors and spices

Cocktails from the West Indies

Rum, tropical fruits and spices are the must-have ingredients for Caribbean cocktails