Plage du Cap Ferré

Beach in Sainte-Anne
  • Cap Ferré beach, located near the charming commune of Sainte-Anne in Martinique, is a striking site with its wild coastline and rock formations. You'll discover L'Œil Bleu, a breathtaking natural pool, and enjoy a coastline offering breathtaking views and unique hiking experiences.

    It's a site that's sure to captivate nature lovers with its unspoilt landscapes, forming a striking contrast with the island's white sandy beaches. Among the jewels of Cap Ferré, the Œil Bleu, a natural pool formed in the rock, is particularly remarkable, but it is very dangerous due to the swell. Located on the route of the Trace des Caps, this natural wonder, with its intense blue water, adds to the beauty of the place. At times, foam reaching the basin creates a breathtaking spectacle.

    The Cap Ferré coastline is a majestic combination of craggy rocks and small sandy beaches. This unique environment attracts hikers and photographers in search of grandiose panoramas and impressive natural scenery. The deep blue waters around the cape are often lapped by gentle waves, offering a magnificent spectacle when they meet the rocks.

  • Situation: Follow the N6 to Le Marin. After having passed the gendarmerie of Le Marin, turn left towards Cap Ferré beach.

    Type of beach: Medium size

    Water: Turquoise

    Sand: Fine

    Sea: Rough sea

    Vegetation: Shaded

    Environment and nearby: "Blue eye" - Restaurant

    Hiking: Trace des Caps (trail Anse Caritan - Macabou)

    Waterfall: "Blue eye"" natural swimming pool