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Plage du Bourg (Sainte-Marie)

Beach in Sainte-Marie
  • The Grande Plage de Sainte-Marie, located in the heart of the town, is one of Martinique's natural treasures. Known for its unique Tombolo, a sandy passageway that emerges during the dry season to link Ilet Sainte-Marie to the mainland, offering an unmissable and picturesque walk.
    The beach, with its grey sand often battered by waves and currents, makes swimming difficult, if not forbidden. However, the stroll along the seafront remains pleasant, even if on overcast days the atmosphere can seem a little melancholy.
    Despite its low level of use, Sainte-Marie beach plays an important role in the cultural and social life of the region. It is the scene of traditional events and waterside get-togethers, such as surf and paddle lessons, as well as horse, mule and pony races in August. Lined with small restaurants known as "lolos", it is a popular spot for locals.
    The Grande Plage de Sainte-Marie is the place to discover the authentic way of life of the people of Sainte-Marie, a place where culture, history and natural beauty meet in harmony.

  • Location: Village of Sainte-Marie, along the N1

    Beach Type: Large

    Water: Dark blue

    Sand: Grey

    Sea: Agitated with strong currents (swimming prohibited)

    Environment and nearby: Tombolo - Saint-James distillery - Banana museum - Outdoor area

    Hiking: North Atlantic Coastal Trail (Trinité - Basse Pointe)