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Plage de l'Anse Grosse Roche

Beach in Le Vauclin
  • Anse Grosse Roche beach, located between Le Vauclin and Le Marin, is a magnificent destination unspoilt by mass tourism and one of the few remaining wild beaches in Martinique. To get there, you need to walk for around 20 minutes, starting in a lush forest and crossing Cap Macré. Known for its tranquillity and natural setting, this beach is distinguished by its brilliant white sand, bordered by a turquoise sea, rough volcanic rocks and coconut palms.

    The beach takes its name from a distinctive large rock with a heart-shaped hole, making it a perfect location for Caribbean holiday photos and instagrammers alike. Anse Grosse Roche is part of the Grand Macabou protected area, which stretches from Cap Macré to Cap Macabou, offering several kilometres of peace and wilderness. Situated on the Atlantic coast of south-east Martinique, it is often windy, making for pleasant swimming, but caution is advised in the event of heavy swells. A word of advice: never rest under a coconut tree, as falling coconuts can be dangerous.

  • Location: Located just to the left of Grand Macabou beach. Accessible by a path.

    Type of beach : Average

    Water: Turquoise

    Sand: Fine

    Sea: Agitated

    Vegetation: Wide band of coconut trees (attention risk of coconut fall!)

    Environment and nearby: The Chapel of the Virgin of the Sailors

    Hiking: Trace des Caps (Anse Caritan - Macabou) - Horse riding
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