Plage de Fond Coré

Beach in Saint-Pierre
  • Fond Coré beach, located in Saint-Pierre at the foot of Mount Pelée in Martinique, may seem ordinary at first glance with its grey sand and stony areas, but it hides an exceptionally rich underwater world.

    Recognised as one of the most important marine cemeteries, Fond Coré is home to some fifteen shipwrecks, silent witnesses to the eruption of Mount Pelée in 1902.

    The seabed is a veritable underwater museum, preserving both historical and natural relics, and serving as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding this precious heritage. Although the beach attracts more divers than swimmers, its calm waters also invite you to take a dip. The beach, bordered by a few trees, offers a peaceful setting in which to relax.

  • Situation: This beach is situated at the exit of the village of Saint-Pierre, at the level of the quarries, in the direction of Le Prêcheur.

    Beach type: Not very interesting! Except under the sea!

    Water: Crystal clear

    Sea: Calm

    Sand: Volcanic black - Big pebbles

    Vegetation: Little shade

    Environment and proximity: Quarries

    Wildlife: Fish - Pelicans

    Diving: Extremely rich seabed - Wrecks dating from 1902