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Lighthouse (Le Prêcheur)

Historic site and monument, Lighthouse, Listed or registered (CNMHS) in Le Prêcheur
  • Installed since 1927 on the edge of the Caribbean Sea, at the foot of Mount Pelée, the lighthouse of Le Prêcheur beacons the northern Caribbean part of Martinique. 14º 46'8 N - 61º 12' W

  • It is a white conical tower about 12 meters high. Its red flashing light has a range of 18 miles (about 33 km). The lighthouse operated on oil until 1936 when it was electrified. Since 1990, it has been fully automated and controlled from Fort-de-France by the Lighthouses and Beacons.

    In 1995, the optical drive system was changed, the optical room, the metal structure and the base were renovated.

    It is listed in the National Historic Monuments by decree of 16 December 2013.
  • From January 1, 2024 until December 31, 2024