Seabed Snorkeling Les Aquanautes Marin MartiniqueSeabed Snorkeling Les Aquanautes Marin Martinique
©Seabed Snorkeling Les Aquanautes Marin Martinique|Les Aquanautes
Snorkeling with Les AquanautesImmersion in a tropical aquarium

Snorkeling with Les Aquanautes

Don’t feel ready for scuba diving with tanks? Would you like to discover the underwater fauna and flora from the surface of the water? I recommend the trip with Stéphane from Aquanauts for a coral reef observation. It is a very nice guide, diving instructor with a state diploma DEJEPS, who will teach you a lot of things, in complete safety…

Stéphane Les aquanautes Marin MartiniqueStéphane Les aquanautes Marin Martinique
©Stéphane Les aquanautes Marin Martinique

Guide and owner of the Aquanauts

Departure from the marina du Marin

Meet at 8:45 am at the “new” marina, Pontoon #6, place #617 (it’s the small pontoon on the left of marina 2 which is in front of the mangrove). Stéphane is waiting for us in front of his unsinkable boat specially designed for snorkeling. I chose the 9am to 12pm trip because I like the morning light on the underwater world. We can also take the option 2pm-4:30pm. After introductions and safety instructions, our little group of 8 embarks.

While we are leaving the marina, Stephane explains to us how the excursion will unfold. He knows how to put us in confidence because the goal of this outing is to allow everyone to observe the fauna and flora of the coral reefs, even those who are not comfortable in the water or who cannot swim! He presents us with a booklet with thematic cards to help us recognize what we will observe on the site.

Very educational, he explains the fragile balance of the marine ecosystem… I learned a lot of things, it’s super interesting and very rewarding…

A safe and adapted boat

Insubmersible, comfortable, spacious, fast and solid (all aluminum), the boat has, a large awning to protect from the sun, a bathing ladder and a gantry that allows the launching and recovery ofP.M.R. (people with reduced mobility)

The beauty of the coral reef.

Since the weather is so nice and the sea is oily, we go today to two magnificent cayes for two 30-minute explorations each. For longer hikes (1h) Stephane chooses another site at the exit of the bay of Le Marin that is just as fantastic. Once we arrive on the caye, we put our stuff in the large lockers and choose our equipment: mask, fins and snorkel. Those who want to can take a fry or stand at the observation buoy. And hop, to the water!”

And there, the magic spreads out before our eyes, hundreds of fish of all colors, corals, gorgonians, sponges, black sea urchins, like in a gigantic tropical aquarium

Stephane shows us the different species, as on his cards: schools of blue surgeonfish, black surgeonfish, butterfly fish, parrotfish, angelfish, pigfish, balistfish… Some trumpet fish that swim vertically are giving me the eye, I even see a small seahorse for the first time. Sometimes we even seeturtles, rays…

The reef is of a very great coral diversity: one finds there practically all the species of corals (which are living animals called polyps: they even lay once a year at night thousands of phosphorescent eggs!) present in Martinique, that is to say nearly fifty. Stephane points to the elk horns, the coral candle, the coral brain, the starry coral, the feather coral, the wire coral, the fire coral, the Venus fan

You have to be careful with the palm strikes, don’t land on the cay, and obviously don’t touch them, or they will be destroyed.

A memorable morning

I get back on board with my head full of unforgettable images and exchange my impressions with the other passengers and Stephane while tasting the planteur and zachari, a local pastry… Everyone is delighted, even those who were a bit apprehensive! Stéphane then headed for the marina, for a return to the quay. I really enjoyed this trip and learned a lot in 2h30. To be recommended for everyone, including children from 5 years old!

The price is canon and very accessible…

The Aquanauts also offer Sunset Swimming Aperitifs!”

Go ahead from our end!