Aerodream Autogire Ilet Thierry Bathtub of Josephine François MartiniqueAerodream Autogire Ilet Thierry Bathtub of Josephine François Martinique
©Aerodream Autogire Ilet Thierry Bathtub of Josephine François Martinique|MDES
Martinique seen from the skyBy gyroplane with AeroDream

By gyroplane with AeroDream

Seen from above, Martinique is even more spectacular with breathtaking panoramas. I discovered a new way to fly thanks to Sophie, an experienced ultralight pilot at AeroDream: the autogyro. This funny flying machine, ancestor of the helicopter, is part of the Ultra Light Motorized (ULM) family and allows you to discover landscapes in a new way…

Sophie Aerodream Lamentin MartiniqueSophie Aerodream Lamentin Martinique
©Sophie Aerodream Lamentin Martinique

Pilot of AeroDream

Departure from Aimé Césaire International Airport

Appointment taken at 8am at the airport at the general aviation area to make the circuit “François”of 30 minutes. Very pro and attentive, Sophie – pilot since 2016- starts with a briefing of about ten minutes with the presentation of the aircraft and the safety instructions on the runway and in flight. She then equips me with a helmet with an intercom in order to be able to communicate during the flight, as well as a life jacket (eh yes, we will fly over the sea!). We settle on board, I fasten my belt and it is left! Attention if you take your telephone or your camera, think of taking a small pocket and of attaching it in the safety belt…

Do like the bird!

We taxi to the big runway at Lamentin International Airport, just like the big planes. You will hear the communications between the pilot and the control tower! After a few minutes of taxiing, engine full throttle, the rotor accelerates and we take off almost vertically. I can feel the air on my face because the aircraft has no windows. Finally this flying machine is hyper stable and safe, contrary to my apprehensions. Flying in a gyrocopter is smooth and pleasant. It’s crazy this feeling of flying, a little confusing all at first, but very quickly one has the sensation of flying like a bird in freedom. Nothing separates me from the landscapes that pass before my eyes, it’s fabulous!

Breathtaking landscapes.

François" circuit

I’m going to take full eyes! We fly over places I know well: the plain of Ducos, the banana and sugar cane fields, the Manzo dam, the Habitation Clément, the islets of François, the white bottoms… And yet I have never seen them like this, I am rediscovering Martinique, the beauty of its sites, its vivid colors, its teeming nature, the turquoise of its waters… It’s magical!

After this great west-east loop, we return to our starting point where we land softly. I am enchanted by this experience, by these sublime landscapes and by these sensations.

South Atlantic" tour

So, the next day I did the circuit “South Atlantic ” of 45 min passing by the plain of Ducos, the islets of François, the Fonds Blancs, the bay of Vauclin, the islets of Sainte-Anne, the Savane des Pétrifications, the Table du Diable, the beach and pond of Salines, the bay of Marin, the anse Céron sud.

   I loved it! Go with your eyes wide open, it’s awesome!

The Autogire

It is nicknamed the air bike because it can take off and land over very small distances and fly at very low speeds. It is a freewheeling rotor that turns thanks to the horizontal speed provided by a powerful propeller-driven ultralight engine. The gyrocopter flies at a maximum altitude of 10,000 feet (4000 m). AeroDream’s gyrocopter is equipped with a 100hp Rotax 912S engine and the mandatory equipment: canoe, vests, radio, transponder, artificial horizon, variometer.

I’ll take you on a tour of our little corners of paradise.

Sophie, Aerodream pilot

Practical Information
  • It is imperative to have an ID (passport or ID card) for the passage through customs.
  • It is advisable to bring a light windbreaker because it is a bit cool at altitude.
  • Please bring a pouch with a strap for your phone or camera

Go ahead from our end!