Baignade Catamaran Kokoumdo Trois îlets MartiniqueBaignade Catamaran Kokoumdo Trois îlets Martinique
©Baignade Catamaran Kokoumdo Trois îlets Martinique|MDES
Boarding on Kokoumdoto meet dolphins and turtles

Boarding on the Kokoumdo

Departing from the Pointe du Bout marina, board Kokoumdo, a beautiful catamaran that will take you to meet dolphins and turtles. A great friendly day where you will be able to do snorkeling and discover the underwater of our tropical aquarium: Anse Noire, Anses d’Arlet, Grotte aux chauves-souris

Mike Kokoumdo MartiniqueMike Kokoumdo Martinique
©Mike Kokoumdo Martinique

Captain and owner of Kokoumdo

Today, I booked for the day “Dolphins and Turtles” on the catamaran “KOKOUMDO”. Appointment taken for 8am at the marina of Pointe du Bout in Trois Ilets. The sky is blue, not a cloud, the sun is shining, the sand is littered with starfish, it’s a good start!

First impression: the catamaran is super pretty, red and white, very chic. It’s a big 47-foot (15 m)liveaboard boat, it feels like visiting friends, not boarding a classic day-charter. The captain and the hostess welcome us with kindness and tell us the different safety measures and rules to respect on board.

A small coffee awaits us with buns, jams, peyi juice and a “ti takeoff” (be careful though!), the day starts well…

Here we are well installed, the spaces are very cosy, we can drop our stuff inside, settle in the saloon, on the big net in front, as everyone prefers. At 8:30 am, the captain casts off the moorings, here we go towards the open sea. On the program: to go and look for dolphins! Today we are lucky, their presence is signaled at 10 minutes of navigation to the north. During the crossing, we are explained the rules put in place by the AGOA marine mammal sanctuary whose KOKOUMDO crew has followed the training and signed the charter.

Here come the dolphins!

And there they are, coming toward us before tracing their furrow in the bow. They are dozens of pantropical spotted dolphins we are told. As always when we encounter dolphins at sea, the excitement is at its peak. Everyone wants to capture the magic of the moment with their cameras. This morning they are playful, they grace us with a few jumps and their characteristic little cry. A unique experience!

The captain explains to us that at certain times of the year, we can come across whales and sperm whales because it is a migratory route.

You can hear the exaltation of the big and small: “Look there are plenty in front of us“, “Look at the baby, with his mom!“, “Here’s one jumping!“, “That’s great!“, “Too beautiful!”“, “Look, a family!”“, “Look at the two in front of us, they’re playing in the bow!”… The observation lasts 20 minutes: this is the maximum allowed by AGOA.

Heading South.

It is with stars in our eyes that we put cap to the south. We take advantage of it to make knowledge with the ones and the others, it reigns a very friendly atmosphere. On the way, the captain makes a stop in a small cove allowing us a well-deserved splash.

Next step: the Anses d’Arlet. The catamaran anchors near the LaKay underwater trail. Equipped with masks, snorkels and fries, here we are in the water in a real tropical aquarium. I recognize damselflies, butterflies and surgeonflies. A visual enchantment…

Lunch with friends

It’s lunch time, the captain has chosen to make us have lunch in a heavenly cove, we exchange our experiences, we laugh, good humor and relaxation are the order of the day, all this in music, it’s very friendly. The aperitif is served with small bites of cod subkaÿ to whet the appetite. The bar too is local: white rum and old Clément, shrubb, homemade planter and of course waters, juices and sodas… The meal is prepared on the boat, on the menu: an assortment of local vegetables, a Creole-style browned chicken or fish cooked in coconut milk, accompanied by rice and country vegetables. I chose the fish, today it’s sea bream, I love it! For dessert: a blanc manger coco (a killer) and its square of chocolate fudge.

A small digestive swim and here we go again, direction Grande Anse or Anse Noire. It is there that we have the most chance to swim with the turtles and we will not be disappointed, many green turtles are there. They are so majestic when they swim. There too we follow the instructions: no untimely strokes of flippers, a distance of 5 m not to disturb them … It’s magical! (A tip: if you have a GoPro it’s time to bring it!)

About 4 p.m., it’s time to weigh anchor. The captain sails along the coast, from cove to cove before making a stop at the bats cave, a must-see. The hostess serves us local fruits, it’s fresh, it’s good.

We arrive at the pontoon around 5pm, everyone agrees: it was really a great day, the atmosphere on board, the crew, the ride, at the top!!!

Kokoumdo also offers an outing “Diamond Rock” with a minimum of 10 people. Privatization of the boat is also possible.

Every day on the Kokoumdo is like a cousin party where everyone knows each other by the end of the day!

A little word from Mike, captain and owner of the Kokoumdo

Go ahead from our end!