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A combined day:Dolphin encounter & Scuba diving experience

Boarding Aliotis Plongée

In Martinique, sorties cétacés in the Caribbean Sea are among the favorite activities of visitors and we understand them! The dolphins, whales and other cetaceans have always exerted a fascination. So when you also get the chance to meet them in the company of Laurent sur Aliotis, the excursion turns into an unforgettable day, undoubtedly the most beautiful memory of your vacation! Departure is from the ponton de Grande Anse, in Les Anses d’Arlet.


Owner and captain of Aliotis

A passionate diving and ecology enthusiast

Laurent, the adorable captain and owner of the Aliotis catamaran (which is also his home!), a Lagon 42, has many strings to his bow.

Both a state-certified diving instructor and an organizer of day trips on his catamaran, he has infinite knowledge of Martinique’s entire marine ecosystem, its fauna and flora, and loves to share his knowledge with his passengers.

So he’s offering something unprecedented: the possibility of performing a baptism dive (or an exploration for those who have their levels) on board during the dolphin outing. It’s the only one, and it adds to the exceptional nature of this experience! At his side is the trusty Didier, the cook, who will treat us all day long.

Departure from Grande Anse

The rendezvous is set for 8am at the ponton de Grande Anse. We’re expected and greeted with a smile, which is a pleasure…

Gathered around the super breakfast prepared by Didier (coffee, tea, fresh fruit juice, all hot pastries, it’s rare), we listen to the briefing on the day ahead.

Heading for the North, meet the cetaceans.

The first objective is clear: we’re going to look for the dolphins and other cetaceans sailing along the North Caribbean coast. To do this, the captain hoists the sails and sets the cap on Bellefontaine, a mecca for whale-watching in Martinique, in the heart of the sanctuary Agoa which Laurent tells us about with passion and pedagogy.

He describes the different species of dolphins, whales and sperm whales, both resident and passing through our waters, and tells us that the Caribbean is one of the top 5 cetacean-watching spots in the world! Out of 86 existing species, 26 can be observed in Martinique! His knowledge is immense but not ostentatious: he asks us questions, we jump in, participate and he gives us the answers with humor and benevolence

And it’s bingo! We already encounter a first group of Frazer dolphins before spotting blowholes in the distance. Laurent gets closer and then it’s a crazy sight: Frazers, bottlenose dolphins and even numerous whales taking a nap. There are so many of them, the water is boiling. On board, everyone is so breathless that the magic is working. So it’s in a great, collected silence that we observe their games and movements. How beautiful nature is when it’s preserved and respected!

Barely recovered from our emotions, the boat heads south again, cap sur les Anses d’Arlet where we’ll have the meal concocted by Didier, before the leisure and diving afternoon. And it’s a treat, with many saying it’s the best meal they’ve had on vacation! It’s true that it’s delicious, presented with care. Service is by the plate…

Prettily cut platters of fresh fruit, amuse-bouches, little skewers, homemade planteur (and plenty of other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks)are offered to us as an aperitif. Then we feast on freshly caught Tahitian-style fish with basmati rice and small potatoes cooked at a low temperature with a little secret sauce “made by Didier”. We’re licking our lips. It’s everything I love! For dessert, the homemade coconut flan with finely grated coconut and lime zest is excellent. Congratulations to the cook who prepares everything on board…

Afternoon swimming, snorkeling and diving.

After this gastronomic interlude, it’s time to relax! The boat moors on the Aliotis diving spot for the baptisms, and everyone is free to occupy themselves according to their desires.

Those who have signed up for diving go down into the water with Laurent, always a great teacher. Some of them have never put their head under water in their lives, yet with great gentleness and calm, he manages to instill confidence in everyone. When they come back on board, they’re all enchanted with the experience

The baptisms are done individually, you are alone with Laurent, and last about 15 minutes.

On board, Didier offers us all the equipment we need for snorkeling: masks, snorkels, fins, fries. The place is full of fish, sponges and coral around small reefs. A real tropical aquarium! The water is perfect, crystal-clear and warm, ideal for swimming.

Then I settle down on the trampoline with a book, I think I even close my eyes for a few minutes, everything is calm and quiet. Happiness!

When all the day’s divers have come back on board, everyone exchanges on their experiences and discoveries, the atmosphere is very nice, very family-like. We return quietly to the Grande Anse pontoon, stars in our eyes and memories in our heads

You can go with your eyes closed, you’ll meet an lovable and passionate crew who will give you unforgettable moments! Thank you Laurent and Didier, it was fabulous!

  • Aliotis is Martinique’s only dive club on the water! The 42-foot catamaran is fully equipped (compressor, diving equipment).

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