Creole Cata Catamaran Les Anses-d'Arlets MartiniqueCreole Cata Catamaran Les Anses-d'Arlets Martinique
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A day with La Créole CataDolphins, turtles and Diamond Rock

A day with La Créole Cata

The Créole Cata offers catamaran excursions to meet dolphins and sea turtles. Aboard this catamaran based at the Pointe du Bout, you will sail in the waters of the Caribbean Sea to the most emblematic sites of Martinique: the Rocher du Diamant, the Anses d’Arlet, the Anse Noire, Grande Anse

Creole Cata Captain Crew MartiniqueCreole Cata Captain Crew Martinique
©Creole Cata Captain Crew Martinique
Felix, Zaï and Damien

The crew of La Créole Cata

Installed for more than 20 years at the Pointe du Bout marina, the maxi catamaran La Créole Cata enjoys a solid reputation. So I decide to embark for the day with them to go meet the dolphins and turtles and see the mythical Diamond Rock up close…

Meet at the dock around 8:15 am for an 8:30 am departure. The crew is complete and introduces itself: Damien the captain, Zaï the guide animator and Félix in the kitchen as always. The atmosphere is cool, we are briefed on the safety instructions, the rules on board and the attitudes to adopt in the presence of cetaceans or turtles. Everything is in place, the cruise can begin!”

On board, everyone settles in: at the front on one of the two nets, under the large awning that completely covers the spacious deck, seated on the benches and around the tables… There is a lot of space on “La Créole Cata”, a catamaran of 17.50 m long and 8.50 m wide!”

Heading to the Diamond Rock.

The captain sets the cap on the Diamond Rock and hoists the sails. Halfway there we are joined by a small pod of Fraser’s dolphins recognizable by their pinkish bellies. They speed along in the bow of the boat as if they were leading the way. Everyone is captivated by this intelligent and playful animal. The children on board are amazed and shout with joy. It’s the dolphin effect!

All of a sudden they dive and swim away as we approach the famous rock. One of the advantages of the Creole Cata is that Damien takes you all around as close as possible. We see all the crevices of the Diamond Rock where many birds nest: brown Noddy, Bridled Tern, Tailed Straw, Brown Booby, Superb Frigate… Our guide Zaï takes the opportunity to give us a very interesting lesson on fauna, flora and the history of the Rock.

Direction the Anses d'Arlet

We then head to the Anses d’Arlet in the late morning, to the site of the underwater trail “La Kay”. In order for everyone to feel comfortable to splash around, the crew distributes multicolored French fries to us (if you want to snorkel or explore the sea bed, remember to take your masks and snorkels).

The “captain” then anchors in a small and very quiet cove for lunch. There it’s relaxation and pleasure of the taste buds! The bar serves at discretion ti-punch, Dillon rum planter, juices, water, sodas while we sit at the table to enjoy the Creole meal concocted by Felix. On the menu: local raw vegetables, smoked chicken or fish accompanied by rice and country vegetables. It’s good and fragrant, just like the fruit salad served for dessert. All to music… West Indian of course!

After a quick swim, we head out to meet the sea turtles. On the right side of Grande Anse, we see their little heads emerge from the water and then dive back down. You can watch them underwater feeding on the grass beds. I don’t get tired of them but I stay at a good distance to not disturb them, nor touch them.

Damien then leads us to Anse Noire, a beautiful black sandy beach that we observe from the boat, and then back up to the bats cave. As the catamaran has a large Zodiac, it can take passengers in groups of 8 to the very bottom of the cave. Me, I don’t really like these little critters so I take the opportunity to lie down on the net and watch the nature around me!

Felix offers us a small chocolate marble as we quietly make our way up to Pointe du Bout. Damien follows the coastline closely, it’s very pleasant. It’s the most beautiful hour for the light, the view is just magnificent!

About 5pm we go down to the dock, our heads full of unforgettable memories

   I’ve had a great day!

La Créole Cata also offers the rental of the maxi-catamaran for personalized excursions: birthdays, weddings, private parties….

Go ahead from our end!