Boarding PelagiaSailing, dolphins and culture...

A 100% sailing day with Blue Dream Croisières

If you enjoy sailing on a luxurious catamaran, if you’re looking for an activity on the water meeting dolphins, discovering the culture and the heritage of Martinique, then this day on Pelagia is for you! Come on board with me for the “Perle du Nord” day with the crew of Blue Dream Croisières.

Meet at the pontoon of the Village de la Poterie inTrois Ilets at 8am! Laurent, owner and boss of Blue Dream, welcomes us to Village de la Poterie aboard his dinghy, bound for the catamaran Pelagia, anchored at the head of the bay.

Max and Antoine

Blue Dream crew

A beautiful catamaran, a top-notch crew.

First of all, I’d like to introduce you to the boat we’re embarking on, as it’s truly magnificent and stands out advantageously for its size, its luxurious equipment and fittings, and its pro crew. She’s a 62-foot (approx. 19m) Nautitech cruising catamaran. It is designed to accommodate up to 28 passengers and 2 crew for coastal day cruising. The catamaran is equipped with 4 cabins and 4 bathrooms. Pelagia is also very user-friendly thanks to its deck layout, sunbathing area and large “trampolines” on the bow. She has a wide cockpit well sheltered from the sun, rain and sea spray, a large “lounge spirit” saloon with bench seating… On board everything is spotless and comfort is optimal for a day of discovery in complete tranquillity.

Today it’s in the company of Max at the helm and his deckhand Antoine at the animation that we’ll be sailing towards the North Caribbean as explained to us. Both are seasoned sailors with a passion for sailing.

Sailing with sails.

We leave the bay, rounding the islet Mandoline (Gros Ilet), five participants are invited to hoist the mainsail with Antoine. We sail into the bay of Fort de France (Baie des Flamands) and Antoine takes the opportunity to tell us about the history of the “capital” city, the battles of the past, the forts, iconic monuments like theSchoelcher Library or the St. Louis Cathedral.

With the headsail (the “solent”) hoisted in turn, the boat now picks up speed and heads north, in search of dolphins and other cetaceans. Max and Antoine come to chat with us regularly, making sure we don’t miss anything and answering all our questions, both about navigation and the various sites.

This is one of the special features and what really appealed to me about this trip: the desire to make maximum use of the sails and not the motor. The calm and fluidity of the sailing adds a lot to this excursion. The motor is only used in the event of a complete calm (no wind at all!).

Breakfast is served in the lounge: tea, coffee, juices, softs, spirits (served at your discretion all day long) accompanied by delicious homemade biscuits. Very soft lounge music in the background: it’s pleasant and restful.

Meet the dolphins.

Our wishes are granted off Case Pilote: a pod of bottlenose dolphins(Tursiops truncatus) joins us and comes to play in the bow, rubbing against the boat’s hull for long minutes. Needless to say, we’re all smiles and amazement on board! Especially as the group includes mothers and their young: it’s magical…

Max explains that this species of dolphin is one of the most sociable and interacts the most with man. In fact, this is the species we see in movies as Flipper the dolphin or (alas) in dolphinariums and water parks…

New surprise in front of Carbet: we cross paths with a large group of spotted dolphins, it’s exceptional: there are at least 150 of them! They spend a long time playing with us, and our hosts point out a few females on their backs: we’re in the middle of the breeding season! We’re given the sanctuary’s AGOA sheets on the various species present in the West Indies, as well as the rules for observing cetaceans with respect.


Late morning the captain drops anchor opposite the Turin beach for a well-deserved dip in the Caribbean Sea. On board, Max tells us the history of Saint-Pierre, the Mount Pelée and the eruption of 1902.

Buffet, meals, snacks: everything is homemade !

Meanwhile, Antoine has finished setting up the buffet for lunch. Everyone serves themselves and settles in the indoor or outdoor saloon, on the banquettes, at the front according to their desires. Everything has been prepared in advance by Laurent’s wife Christel and her mother Flora. It’s good and full of flavors: crudités, leek quiche and vegetarian chili for starters, followed by chicken fricassee with yellow banana gratin and rice. For dessert, it’s fresh fruit and chocolate muffins (homemade, of course!).

Please note: if you’d like to eat fish or are vegetarian, just specify so when booking.

in a tropical aquarium

We quietly resume sailing to the cliffs of Bellefontaine. Antoine drops anchor at Fond Giraumon and invites us for a swim. It’s the perfect time and place for a bit of snorkeling (fins, masks and snorkels are at our disposal). I’m off for a swim. Access to the water is greatly facilitated aboard Pelagia: swim ladders, aft beaches, forward cables for diving enthusiasts, freshwater shower… Perfect!

Underwater the seabed never ceases to enchant me: corals, gorgonians, elk horns, trumpet fish, parrotfish… And even a little nested turtle that swims 2 meters away from me and feeds on the corals, it’s just magical! I spend almost an hour underwater, a little out of time… Of course, on board, everyone shares their experiences and learns about the underwater species they encounter thanks to the information sheets provided by the crew.

An experience to recommend

At around 2:30 pm, we weigh anchor to begin the return journey. The sails are hoisted at Schoelcher and we quietly make our way back to Les Trois Ilets

The reviews are unanimous, we all spent an unforgettable day where everything came together to please us: a superb boat, a top-notch crew, adorable and attentive (and in very smart uniforms which doesn’t spoil anything!), a calm and respectful sailing, a good-natured atmosphere and dolphins, dolphins, dolphins!!!! Bravo and thank you Blue Dream !

A sailing cruise for a day!

Philosophy of Laurent and his team

  • Blue Dream Croisières also offers a “Diamant” trip to the beaches of the southern Caribbean and the Diamond Rock.
  • The catamaran Pelagia can be privatized for a special occasion (individuals and companies)
  • On some trips, a photographer can be present.
  • Games and coloring are available for children.
  • Everything is superbly organized on board, with plenty of space and storage for your personal belongings.

Go ahead from us!