Potier Sable et cendre Saint-Pierre Martinique
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Top Craftsmen

Numerous artisans draw their inspiration from Caribbean nature. To please yourself, to make a gift or bring back an original souvenir, make the choice of unique pieces and art objects made by our artisans creators of Martinique.


Discover Ysnay, a universe of scents inspired by Caribbean nature. The scented candle is combined with a work of art to become a precious object. Some twenty original refined fragrances are cast in ceramic creations made by Martinican artists and craftsmen. Unique pieces and limited editions sit alongside the house’s flagship products.


In the boutique-workshop, in the heart of the Pottery Village, Martine and Laetitia offer you the creation of unique custom-made jewelry according to your desires. They work in front of you and are happy to share their know-how with you. Specialized in litho-therapy – the use of stones and crystals in energetic care for their therapeutic virtues – they will know how to direct you and advise you towards the stones corresponding to your needs.

Sand & Ash

Ceramic workshop

Miguelle, professional ceramist welcomes you to her lovely boutique-workshop “Sand & Ash”. The store is full of tableware, jewelry, scented candles, fine and elegant porcelain or stoneware incense burners. She also offers discovery workshops, pottery classes, artistic animations throughout the year for all levels.

Island fragrances

Parfums des iles invites you to discover the world of tropical perfumery at the Maison du Parfum located in Sainte-Luce. Accompanied by a team of 10 people, Véronique and Victoire bottle the scents of the islands: men’s and women’s body perfumes, home fragrances, scented soaps and wellness cosmetics inspired by Caribbean nature (Roucou, Cassia Alata, Moringa, Hibiscus…). A Parfums des îles boutique is located in the Village Créole.

The Box

Le Coffret, artisan jeweler, offers to all those who love costume jewelry, a very wide choice of artisanal jewelry, unique creations in ceramic and natural materials, silver, gold plated, cultured pearls. The products presented at the Pottery Village are most often unique and handmade by the team or local artisans and artists.

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