Bijoux Lecoffret Villagedelapoterie Troisilets Martinique CopyBijoux Lecoffret Villagedelapoterie Troisilets Martinique Copy
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Meet SandrineFashion jewelry designer

Le Coffret boutique, a fantasy jewelry paradise

The Village de la Poterie in Trois-Îlets is packed with good shopping addresses, restaurants and artisan workshops. Today I’m off to the costume jewelry boutique Le Coffret, where I discover the creations of Sandrine Monin, artisan jeweler, and other pieces made by Caribbean designers.

Sandrine Bijouterie Lecoffret Villagedelapoterie Troisilets Martinique CopySandrine Bijouterie Lecoffret Villagedelapoterie Troisilets Martinique Copy
©Sandrine Bijouterie Lecoffret Villagedelapoterie Troisilets Martinique Copy
Sandrine Monin

Artisan jeweler du Coffret

The octagonal kiosk in the Village de la Poterie.

In her round, glassed-in, air-conditioned green carbet, Sandrine welcomes us with her big smile. She offers a very great variety of jewelry and unique pieces. Made on site, in her workshop or by artisans from Martinique, you’re sure to find the jewel that will make you fall in love, and a multitude of gift ideas for women, men, and children!

When you enter this “bonbonnière”, you’re struck by the sheer quantity of pieces on display. Dozens of displays and showcases, it’s going to be hard to choose! Sandrine invites me to take a “tour” of the Coffret, showing me the different materials and models.

Handcrafted manufacture

When she opened her boutique in 2008, Sandrine’s ambition was to create and manufacture unique and original pieces, while respecting a personal ethic of eco-responsible manufacturing. This is how she has gradually refined her techniques, while highlighting the work of local creative artisans.

This is undoubtedly the costume jewelry store offering the widest choice, at prices that know how to remain reasonable! Necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, anklets, decorative objects: each piece is chosen or created with the utmost care…

On-site or in her workshop, Sandrine makes with the help of Nathalie and Chrystèle, her two collaborators. An invaluable aid, as so much jewelry needs to be assembled!

Unique creations.

That’s what I love about this boutique: there’s something for every taste and occasion! Sandrine shows me the full range of possibilities offered by the materials she has chosen to create her jewelry :

  • Silver, gold-plated, stainless steel
  • Leather, silicone, rubber
  • Grains, ceramics, mother-of-pearl
  • Glass beads, green hematite, African pearls, Italian pearls
  • Tahitian pearls, keshi*
  • Paracord
  • Wood, banana leaves
  • Raku

* Tahitian keshi, or Tahitian cultured pearl without a core, is a pearl concretion secreted by a graft (piece of mantle epithelium from a pearl oyster species native to French Polynesia) within a carrier pearl oyster of the species Pinctada margaritifera var. cumingii bred in French Polynesia. As it is not formed around a nucleus, the “pearl” presents irregular and therefore unique shapes.

She also introduces me to the works of artisan jewelers who exhibit in her boutique:

  • The Banana Bijoux brand: this is the only physical outlet for this designer who makes and sells online.
  • Silver and gold-plated creations made by a jeweler in Rivière Salée
  • Lady Gum’s jewelry in soft silicone
  • Jewelry by Andréani, a ceramic jewelry designer from Provence

Medals on cord with hibiscus, map of Martinique, hummingbirds, turtles, sand dollar gold- or silver-plated motifs are very popular as they pay tribute to the symbols of Martinique.

The Raku

A house specialty!

I confess I didn’t know Raku ceramics! Sandrine explains that this pottery-making technique developed in Japan in the 16th century. It was essentially used to make the bowls used in the traditional tea ceremony.

The aesthetics of Raku are linked to Zen philosophy, to Japanese culture of minimalism and sobriety, yet are contemporary thanks to the purity of the forms. This material is characterized by fine cracks on its surface, obtained by a delicate firing process.

The Raku ornaments, beads and decorative objects in Le Coffret, made by Sandrine and her husband, are one-off pieces or small limited series, and are all signed. Due to the complexity of the technique and the entirely manual work, the results are always different, giving them a true art object quality.

Some bestsellers: plenty of gift ideas!

As we’ve seen, one of the reasons the boutique is so successful is the choice and the “all publics” aspect of the offering. Among the jewels most popular with its customers, adjustable wire bracelets in all colors, often adorned with freshwater pearls or kechi, are popular because no need to know your wrist size!

This is also the case for paracord and steel bracelets for men, which are water and UV resistant…

Here are some fun, pretty and light gifts to slip into your suitcases!”

As for me, I chose a turquoise blue bracelet with a pretty keshi pearl as well as a silver choker with a little sparkle. I love it!

Thank you Sandrine for your welcome and all these discoveries

Go ahead from us!