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In the Bijonat workshop

Today, I’m going to introduce you – if you didn’t already know about it – to a very nice little boutique located in Village de la Poterie aux Trois Ilets. It’s Bijonat, where you can buy pretty fancy jewelry and discover the vertus of natural stones, his specialty for nearly 15 years. Loyal customers or visiting tourists, be sure to pay Martine, artisan jeweler, a visit.

Martine Cornelus

Artisan jeweler from Bijonat

A boutique in the heart of the Village de la Poterie.

In this emblematic location for tourism in Martinique, many artisans share their craft and their passion. Such is the case with Martine, whom I meet today. I wanted to find out more about her business and understand her approach… The boutique is pleasant, well laid out, with many models on display. Behind her counter, she’s making bracelets with natural stones.

– How long has the Bijonat boutique been in existence?

“We opened Bijonat in 2009 but in reality my husband and I had already been present in Pottery Village since 1996. We’ve been making and selling bfancy jewelry for nearly 30 years! Over the years, we’ve increasingly specialized in natural stones. Out of personal taste, as I’m lithotherapy enthusiast, and out of customer appeal too, as it’s pretty jewelry whether you believe in the virtues of stones or not.

Today it’s our primary specialty, although we continue to offer some piecesin leather or shell-based.”

A recognized jewelry craftsman

– What types of jewelry do you make?

“At Bijonat you’ll find rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earringsears, ankletsères, for women but also for men and children! We most often work with silver or gold steel wire, as this is the most resistant to corrosion (which is a problem in our latitudes).”

Made-to-measure creations

– Do you make jewelry on site? To order?

“Yes I make a large part of the jewelry in the boutique, in front of my customers. Stéphanie and Laëtitia, my collaborators, also create some, which allows us to vary our inspirations and offer diffdifferent styles, different trends… We can of course execute customized creations (choice of wire material, choice of stone, size, clasp…).

I also work in my workshop at home, for the noisiest or messiest jobs, like leatherwork, not always compatible with welcoming visitors…”

Depending on how busy it is I can do it right away. Otherwise you can pick up your jewelry under 48h maximum!

The natural stones

– Where do the gemstones found on your jewelry come from?

“Sometimes I travel abroad: to the Dominican Republic (famous for its larimar stone) or Cuba, for example. Otherwise, I’ve been working with the same suppliers for 30 years. I’m loyal to them for the quality of their stones with certified origins.”

– Do you find natural or semi-precious stones in Martinique?

“Many people here don’t know it, but Martinican subsoil contains red jasper. This is the case on the presqu’île de la Caravelle and in the Salines which are the two oldest lands to have emerged to form Martinique! These stones arouse curiosity, however they are not used in jewelry, their extraction is not organized, not enough to create an industry anyway.”

The “best-selling

– So which stones do you use most often and which are the most successful?

“Each one has its audience and as with everything: to each his own, it depends on what you’re looking for, thepure aesthetics or thetherapeutic aspect of the stone. However, I can see my customers’ preferences:tiger’s eye, very popular with Martiniquais (men and women!), lamethyst, rosequartz, labradorite, larimar caraïbe, lava stone

The greens of natural stone

Beyond jewelry design, Martine has long been interested in lithotherapy, the greeness of stones on health, energies and emotional balance.

– How do you spread the word about lithotherapy and advise your customers?

“I’m not a therapist, I just share my knowledge. In general, it’s a fairly spontaneous process: people come to me with their problems. It ranges from stress, lack of energy, sadness, temporary fatigue to personality enhancement. Iguide towards the choice of certain stones, renowned for their properties and virtues for soècles.

– Some examples of these virtues?

“Of course! Tiger’s eye, one of the most sought-after, is a stone of protection, giving energy and strength. The amethyst is said to balance excesses and shortages; the amber is said to reduce allergic reactions; the rose quartz has soothing virtues particularly suitable for children.

It’s worth noting that properties can beadded by combining different stones. In lithotherapy, wearing a stone as a pendant, ring or bracelet is one of the simplest and most effective ways of receiving its energy. Sometimes you start with one stone and add others over time, to see if the association is beneficial. I’m passionate about it, and people are very interested!”

Tiger’s eye

During the Roman Empire, the tiger’s eye stone was used by warriors and soldiers to protect themselves in battle. In the Middle Ages, tiger’s eye was worn as a pendant and used to repel spells and drive away evil spirits. Hence the name l’œil de tigre, which protects against the “evil eye”. Its virtues have lasted through the years right up to the present day…

I’m leaving Martine and her team, I really enjoyed this meeting and I hope I made you want to discover this pretty address where a zen and warm atmosphere reigns…Of course I cracked for a beautiful bracelet “full of virtues“!

I’m continuing my discovery tour of the Village to make more beautiful encounters…

At Bijonat you’ll find a host of gift ideas for the whole family, friends and pretty souvenirs “made in Martinique”!

  • Fancy jewelry
  • Natural, fine and semi-precious stones
  • Cord : steel wire, polyester, macramé, leather laces
  • Some copper and leather pieces
  • Some druses and geodes

Go ahead from us!