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The most beautiful gardens in Martinique

Top Parks and Gardens of Martinique

Fill up with oxygen and chlorophyll by browsing Martinique’s biodiversity… Discover our remarkable labeled gardens, themed parks, private gardens rich with rare species. The tropical exuberance spreads out before your eyes…

The remarkable garden label awarded by the Ministry of Culture distinguishes gardens and parks, presenting a cultural, aesthetic, historical or botanical interest, whether they are public or private. We recommend two among the most beautiful: the Habitation Clément and the Habitation Saint-Etienne…

Habitation Clément

Remarkable garden

A visit to the Habitation Clément includes a magnificent botanical discovery tour through the 16 hectares of its gardens. A veritable bath of greenery entirely laid out to welcome the public. You’ll recognize stately beautiful trees from Martinique’s heritageflamboyant, tamarind trees, breadfruit trees, mango trees, cursed fig trees as well as a rare collection of over 300 tropical plants. Its spectacular avenue of large royal palms is the symbol of this garden labeled remarkable in 2015.

Habitation Saint-Etienne

Remarkable garden

This green setting in the heart of the HSE distillery ranks among the most beautiful gardens on the island. A 5-hectare botanical park organized around several thematic zones, this garden labeled remarkable brings together, among other things, a collection of more than 180 plant species from around the worldroyal palms from the West Indies, heliconias, a bamboo grove, an orchard, red palms, cursed figs, rubber trees, calabash trees, alpinias, a saman tree, lemon trees

Distillery J.M

On the slopes of Mount Pelée, enjoying exceptionally fertile land, discover the distillery J.M park, its large pool and its olfactory trail, a prelude to the tasting of J.M. rums. Stroll through this garden of great floristic richness. Spices, citrus, exotic fruits, tropical flowers, aromatic plants, mango trees, breadfruit trees, coffee trees, cocoa trees will awaken your five senses.

Musée de la Banane

To learn all about this emblematic fruit of Martinique, take a stroll through the Banana Museum garden. You’ll discover over 65 varieties of this giant herb, of all sizes, colors and textures. A guide will dispense details, stories, and secrets about the history, production, marketing, and use of the banana. A very enjoyable educational tour.

Jardin de la Chaudière

This private garden is open to visit because it is the one of the famous restaurant La Chaudière in Morne Rouge. It is an extraordinary garden, the Creole garden at its best, beautifully maintained and adorned with rare species: fruit trees, red palms, cocoa trees, coffee trees, vanilla trees, orchids, tropical flowers… Not to mention unimaginable spices and aromatic herbs…