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Places to visit in MartiniqueMartinique has more than one face to show!

Places to visit, Museums, Distilleries and Gardens

Take advantage of your stay or weekend to visit our remarkable sitesChurches, houses, ruins, forts testify everywhere to the island’s past. Enter our museums, rich with a unique history and a preserved heritage.

Dive into the tropical exuberance of our Creole parks and gardens, oxygen bubbles of your visit.

Follow the route through the island’s picturesque communes and villages, immersing yourself with the inhabitants, the culture and the traditions of the West Indies.
And above all, don’t forget to take the itinerary that will let you know all about our jewel: rum from Martinique of course! Distilleries and rum factories are waiting for you: guided tours, tastings, walks… Become knowledgeable about the only agricultural rum in the world to have an AOC!

The heritage of Martinique