Pont suspendu Randonnée Trace des Jésuites Morne-Rouge Martinique
©Pont suspendu Randonnée Trace des Jésuites Morne-Rouge Martinique|MDES
Dive into the heart of tropical nature

Top Forests, Waterfalls and Rivers of Martinique

We marvel at these little jewels of our territory. Numerous waterfalls and rivers are accessible to the public. Here are the most iconic ones to discover during a hike in the tropical rainforest or a nature walk…

Anse Couleuvre

One of the most beautiful hikes in Martinique in the rainforest, rich fauna and flora, historical relics, the whole family can make the walk. We follow and cross the river and its small waterfalls with the culmination of the famous 120 meters high Couleuvre waterfall!

Gorges de la Falaise

This is one of the most popular natural attractions. This short one-hour hike with a guide plunges into the heart of the tropical forest following the course of the Falaise River. Not complicated but physical (it goes down, up, and slips!), the reward is up to the task: a superb waterfall and a deliciously invigorating bath!

Saut Gendarme

A family-friendly walk on the Route de la Trace, a stone’s throw from Balata. Immersed in the lush vegetation of the north, the trail leads to a basin into which a cascade flows. Great for swimming! The site is landscaped with picnic tables.


On the heights of Fonds-Saint-Denis, the Alma River (also called Balata River or White River) is one of the longest in Martinique. For the complete ascent of the river, from its 6 pools to the waterfall, count 3 hours of walking.

La Philippe

This pretty domestic forest is nice for a cool walk with the family. The site is well laid out: tables, benches, carbets, sanitary facilities. We like to come and picnic and observe nature, including beautiful views of the sea and the Pain de Sucre rock in Sainte Marie.

Cœur Bouliki

Within the largest forest massif on the island in Saint Joseph, Coeur Bouliki is an oasis of freshness and serenity, vast spaces arranged for relaxation and family recreation, small natural pools where children love to swim. A must do.

Fontaine Didier

It is said that these are the most beautiful waterfalls in Martinique ! The hike starts behind the Fontaine Didier factory. The first waterfall is accessible and deserves the somewhat sporty walk, the passage through a tunnel with bats. The second is reserved for experienced hikers and moreover often closed in case of bad weather.


A few minutes from the town of Sainte-Luce, with well-developed hiking trails, this domestic forest is also known for its pre-Columbian archaeological site, les Roches Gravées, Amerindian remains. Its highest point (250m) offers a beautiful panorama of the Diamond Rock and Morne Larcher.