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The Photo Spots of Martinique

For your most beautiful memory shots or for your Instagram account, some of Martinique sites are unmissable. Famous or confidential, natural or staged, here are some suggestions, for breathtaking pictures!!

Grand'Rivière Bridge

At the very north of the island, this impressive metal and wood suspension bridge cuts through the exuberant nature of the rainforest. For photos in the heart of authentic, unspoiled Martinique.

Morne Larcher

To take this photo, you’ll need to climb the Larcher Mountain. This somewhat physical hike will reward you with a breathtaking 360° panorama. One of the most beautiful in Martinique!

Savannah of Petrifications

On the Trace des Caps, discover this natural curiosity, a near-desert area once littered with petrified trees. A stone’s throw from the coastline, in a moon-like setting, take advantage of it to get some unusual shots.

The Anses d'Arlet pontoon

It is one of the most photographed sites in Martinique, the “2nd favorite village of the French“. In the viewfinder: a perspective that starts from the sea, stops on the church and ends on the cliffs in the last shot. A must-see.

Created by young Martiniquans, the association “Valorisation Martinique” encourages residents, tourists, influencers, to take pictures of themselves on their installations all over the island in order to make Martinique shine internationally…

Heart of Carbet

Located at the viewpoint “Anse Marigot” of Carbet, this vegetal heart will allow you to immortalize your romantic photos, with the Caribbean Sea in the background.

Nest of Anse Michel

Settle into this largebird’s nest overlooking one of Martinique’s most beautiful beaches, the Anse Michel (Cap Chevalier), with the coral reef in the background. Guaranteed success!

With the sea, nature or mountains in the background, take a seat on one of the swings installed on our tourist sites. For an unusual, romantic or fun photo, this is a must in Martinique

Anse Caritan Swing

Located in the turquoise water of the beach of l‘Anse Caritan with a panoramic view of the bay of Marin and Le Diamant.

Le Marin Swings

Located at the Duprey viewpoint facing the beautiful bay of Marin and Sainte-Anne.

Diamond Swing

Hanging from a leaning coconut tree on the large Diamond Beach, facing the Diamond Rock and “the lying woman” hill.