Entrance to the Distillery Depaz Saint-Pierre MartiniqueEntrance to the Distillery Depaz Saint-Pierre Martinique
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Stopover at the restaurant Le Moulin à cannes

Between sea and volcano

Today I’m meeting up with Gilles Malidor, chef at Le Moulin in Cannes in Saint-Pierre. I love this place and I really like his cooking! Just before the service, he spends some time with me and I take the opportunity to ask him about him and his menu of the moment…

Chef Gilles Malidor Cane mill Distillery Depaz Saint-Pierre MartiniqueChef Gilles Malidor Cane mill Distillery Depaz Saint-Pierre Martinique
©Chef Gilles Malidor Cane mill Distillery Depaz Saint-Pierre Martinique
Gilles Malidor

Chef du Moulin in Cannes

A beautiful site

First of all, you should know that the restaurant is located within the Depaz Distillery, between the production facilities and the castle, in a beautiful park with a view of the sea and Mount Pelee. As a setting, it is already quite exceptional.

Then, the restaurant itself: an old cattle millmagnificently restored with its 8-sided frame, a real work of art, its three authentic vertical rolles, its tiling laid in a rounded pattern around the central pillar.

Tell us how and why you chose this fabulous setting?

“It’s quite simple actually, in 2018 the management of Depaz came to me while I was chef at La Chaudière, the family restaurant in Morne Rouge. The challenge seduced me because I wanted to create my own menu and to let my inspiration speak. The story has been going on for 7 years and I’m thrilled!”

Gilles or the passion of cooking

As they say in a famous comic strip, “Gilles fell into cooking when he was little!” As the son of the Malidor family, he always knew he would become a cook. Trained in metropolitan France with great chefs, he acquired all the techniques of French gastronomy before returning to practice in his native island.

Today at the Moulin in Cannes, he cooks the food he loves, an evolving Creole cuisine that combines local products with the techniques of French cuisine. He designs his recipes according to his market or fishing, nothing is fixed.

In fact, he has replaced the menu with a chart where he lists 3 appetizers, 3 entrees (fish, seafood, meat) and 3 desserts each week. Some signature dishes come up regularly, like Crayfish flambéed with Depaz old rum.

Gille loves to work with fish – tuna, marlin, jacks – that Olivier, a fisherman from Saint-Pierre, provides him. And since he cooks by the minute, you can totally ask him to prepare a vegetarian dish…

From the garden to the plate

If he chooses a large part of his fruits and vegetables at the small market in Carbet, he has created a real Creole garden at his home in Morne Rouge with many varieties of citrus that are rarely found on the shelves: caviar lemon, citron, combava, galanga…

What a treat!

The foreman’s plate. It’s a very pretty plate that marries dachine, sweet potato, fried yellow banana with shrimp wonderfully, lifted by a well-flavored Creole pesto. I continue with a Coconut mandja fish blaff, a very nice plate that revisits the blaff with galanga. It is delicious! And since I’m a foodie I can’t resist the Iced Coconut Country Nougat and its passion frappe. Too good! Bravo and thank you Gilles, you know I love your desserts…

You can come from 9:00 am to drink a small coffee on the terrace and enjoy the sumptuous view of the park, the sea and Mount Pelee, while waiting for the distillery to open. The restaurant is indeed open on Sundays, even if the distillery is closed!

In 2023, Gilles will organize once a month concert dinners on Saturday nights, stay tuned!”

Making the food I love!

Philosophy of Gilles, chef of the Moulin à cannes

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