Salle L'Escale Les Anses-d'Arlets MartiniqueSalle L'Escale Les Anses-d'Arlets Martinique
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Stopover at L'Escale restaurant

Meet Hugo & Sophie

Arriving in Martinique in the summer of 2021, Hugo and his partner Sophie found the place they were looking for to set up their restaurant: L’Escale à Grande Anse! So in July 2022, they bought this establishment that already had a great reputation. After a month of work, L’Escale reopened in mid-August and we are delighted to let you discover it…

Hugo Sophie L'Escale Les Anses-d'Arlets MartiniqueHugo Sophie L'Escale Les Anses-d'Arlets Martinique
©Hugo Sophie L'Escale Les Anses-d'Arlets Martinique
Hugo & Sophie

Owners of the restaurant L'Escale

First observation: the place has gained in brightness. “We first carried out a big job of pruning and cleaning the garden because the vegetation had proliferated a little too much” Hugo explains to me. On the work side, the deck was redone, the furniture changed which reinforces this impression of clarity and lightness. In the evening, the new lights bring a fairy-like side that we like very much.

In the kitchen

The concept developed here is French cuisine made with a maximum of local products. To develop its menu and prepare the new dishes, Hugo trusts the chef Xavier Pouzin. Trained at Ferrandi, he officiated in several great Parisian tables and palaces before setting down his luggage on our island. Assisted by Romain, he offers us an ambitious and different menu.

The fish from the fisherman of Anses-d’Arlet Alix Ruggieri, the meats from the cooperative of Martinique’s breeders, the fruits and vegetables from the greengrocer of Trois-Ilets are the pledge of a cuisine in short circuit with an absolute requirement: freshness!

An evolving map

Changed regularly, the menu includes 3 tapas, to be tasted with the aperitif, 3 starters, 4 dishes (2 meats, 1 fish, 1 vegetarian) and 3 desserts. Note that L’Escale offers a lunch menu with appetizers, main course and dessert for 28€ during the week. Since I’m more of a fish person, I opted for the Bream ceviche, combava, ginger and coconut milk as an appetizer, followed by the Sesame marinated half-cooked tuna, fregola sarda and candied tomatoes. For dessert I hesitated quite a bit between the Rum Baba, coconut crème montée, pineapple and the Lemon meringue pie and Breton shortbread. Finally I let myself be tempted by the baba well soaked in syrup. Nice little note, we come directly pour the rum of your choice on the cookie in front of you! Theservice is smiling and efficient, provided by the kind Eléonore and Hugo himself. The flavors are there, the cooking is right, frankly it’s delicious!

A head full of projects

After the service, I exchange with Hugo and Sophie in one of the small and very pleasant lounges. I ask them about their plans, about the changes they want to make to the place. “We will continue to modify the restaurant in a more refined style, more bohemian chic.”

We will also redo concerted evenings in a more chill spirit, more bossa nova. As for the menu, it will be renewed every two months. We want our customers to have culinary surprises when they come back!”

We like the different spaces of the restaurant: thesmall lounges to have a drink, the room apart for big tables, the carbet for a meal with friends (book in the evening it’s top!)

We want to give people pleasure with our beautiful cuisine.

Philosophy of Hugo, owner of L’Escale

Go ahead from our side!